Hello friends,

In 1993 Marios Dianellos and Maria Pyrgou

decided to create a place that expresses them,

and at the same time someone could pass his time pleasantly, 

qualitively and palatably. 

A place where all senses could be greatly


We are not just preoccupied with gastronomy and 

flavour but with many other things here. 

Our building, with the help of some good friends 

was renovated to its present state from the terrible 

condition used to be.

It is situated in the Plakota area of Larnaca (Scala), 

one of the old and picturesque neighbourhoods of Larnaca, 

as older people know about. 

Plakota owns its name to the paved road.

It was build in 1900 thus its name, 

reminiscent of the period.

Welcome to Art Cafe 1900...

Marios Dianellos and Maria Pyrgou